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Topstage Composites – Will they rule WTAC open Class ?

For those of you who might not have heard of “Topstage Composites”,  let me give you a crash course into who they are, and why they are gaining recognition as one of the Leading Carbon Fibre specialists in Australia.

Topstage Composites is based in Victoria, and they specializes   in Composite Fabrication, whilst primarily focusing on Carbon Fibre, they offer a range of services ranging from Aerodynamic, Research and Development through to Molding and Prototyping of components, predominantly for Motor Sport.

A testament to the quality of their work, is the fact that numerous teams competing in World Time  Attack “Open Class” use their services.

Let me clarify, I’m not talking about your run of the mill track car with some carbon CF panels, I’m referring  to all out track weapons, designed with the sole purpose of annihilating lap records.

A classic Example, is the record smashing BYP integra, whilst they were already were using parts from the Topstage Catalogue as seen below:

They just recently have gone back for more CF goodness in preparation for WTAC,  I guess happy customers really does equate to repeat business.

Another example of a happy customer, is Steve Ka (Powertune GTR) as can be seen below, they procured a whole bunch of parts from the Topstage catalogue:

I think they forgot to order the kitchen sink in Carbon Fibre. 

It’s worth mentioning a list of some of the cars running Topstage components for WTAC: Employment Medicine R32 GTR, JDMYard eg6, CRD R34, Tunehouse 86 and Dennis resi’s R32, paul henshaw’s insane 240z, jeff blakeley 260z, RTR evo X and the list goes on.

They have a wide range of representation amongst competitors, so look out for new products as they are definitely a good thing, and popular among competitors.


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